About Us

Our values make us who we are and shape our destiny.

The Medallion culture is based on trust, sincerity, integrity, hard work and a commitment to fair business practices in everything we do.

Our management team is comprised of professionals with solid backgrounds, experience and deep knowledge of the shipping industry. Every one of them is committed to ‘Leadership by example’

We place great value on the human element and always strive to nurture, support and empower each of our employees. Teamwork is a way of life for us. Our highly focused teams combine traditional marine skills with modern technology to deliver cost effective solutions for our clients.

Medallion has Document of Compliance (DOC) for Marshall Islands and Panama flags for operating ‘Oil Tanker’, ‘Chemical Tanker’ and ‘Other Cargo Ship’. We also hold DOC for Indian flag for operating ‘Bulk Carrier’ and ‘Other Cargo Ship’.

Medallion is MLC 2006 compliant and has a Recruitment and Placement Services Licence issued by the Seaman’s Employment Office Mumbai which permits employment of Indian seafarers.

Our quality system includes ISO 2001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification.

Our Services

Technical Management

Medallion’s team comprises experienced nautical and engineering specialists who use traditional marine skills supported by modern technology to deliver best in class service, with a firm hand on costs and a keen eye for safety and environmental responsibility. We take care of your ship as if it was our own.

Crew Management

Our key asset is the quality of our seafarers. Our rigorous selection processes, supported by training and professional development opportunities, ensure that only knowledgeable, well trained and motivated seafarers are on board the ships we manage. We use bespoke software solutions for seafarer database management and briefings to match the skill set of the crew to the particular requirements of a ship. Depending on a ship’s operational requirements and trade, we employ seafarers from India, Philippines, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and Sri Lanka. The manning agents and training institutes we work with are regularly audited against our quality criteria.

Quality Assurance

The foundation of our ship management services is rigorous quality assurance. We have an integrated management system incorporating Quality (ISO 9001:2008), MLC 2006 and ISM Code requirements, certified and audited by Class NK. Medallion promotes a safe and responsible working culture on board through continual training, monitoring and reviews. We believe in the continuous improvement of our quality standards through internal audits, experience feedback & adopting best industry practice. Our goal is a flawless accident and incident record. The scope of quality assurance also covers environmental compliance. At Medallion, we actively engage with owners and clients to consistently exceed regulatory requirements and industry standards.


Thanks to our longstanding relationship with the insurance underwriting markets and insurance brokers, we are able to assist customers in obtaining competitive rates for H&M and P&I coverage. Our insurance department will also get involved in handling and settlement of owners’ claims, and will assist in the insurance policy renewal process.

Marine Consultancy Services

- Our team of shipping experts offers consultancy services for:
- Survey and inspection for sale and purchase
- Planning and execution of regular and emergency dry docking
- IT infrastructure for vessels and ship management offices
- Ship conversions
- Quality assurance systems for vessels and ship management offices
- Pre vetting inspections onboard
- New Building Supervision

Our Systems

Management Systems / IT-Systems

Medallion`s core business processes are managed using custom software applications specifically designed to suit our business needs both ashore and on our ships. Computerized planned maintenance systems are implemented onboard all vessels and our seafarers and office staff are regularly trained in their use.

Our Fleet

Vessel Type Service Year Built IMO No DWT Flag Q-88
Thornton Oil / Chemical Tanker Crew & Technical Management 2008 9445643 13273.06 Marshall Island view
Silvermine Bulk Carrier Crew Management 2014 9609536 77000 Hong Kong
HANZE AA Oil / Chemical Tanker Crew Management 2007 9341378 12279 Gibraltar view
Penta Bulk Carrier Crew Management 2011 9460605 76424 Panama
Maxwell Bulk Carrier Crew Management 2017 9782027 82170 Singapore
Yutai Breeze Bulk Carrier Crew Management 2010 9541631 55088 Panama
Yutai Ambitions Bulk Carrier Crew Management 2008 9326160 77283 Hong Kong

Previous Experience (Vessels below now sold)

Vessel Type Service Year Built DWT Flag
Clay Oil / Chemical Tanker Technical Management 2009 7,681.50 Marshall Island
Leptis Star Cement Carrier Technical Management 1986 11736 Panama
Oya Star Cement Carrier Technical Management 1982 17874 Panama
Paul Abrao Cellular Container Crew & Technical Management 1996 22026 India
Aarhus Oil Tanker Crew & Technical Management 2009 3798 Marshall Island
Kenza Oil Tanker Crew & Technical Management 2001 16456.4 Marshall Island
SP Athens Oil Tanker Crew & Technical Management 2010 8839 Marshall Island
SP Amsterdam Oil / Chemical Tanker Crew & Technical Management 2009 8839 Marshall Island
SP Auckland Oil / Chemical Tanker Crew & Technical Management 2008 8839 Marshall Island
SP Atlanta Oil Tanker Crew & Technical Management 2009 8827.9 Marshall Island
SP Berlin Oil Tanker Crew & Technical Management 2007 7691 Marshall Island
SP Brussels Oil Tanker Crew & Technical Management 2007 7695 Marshall Island
SP Boston Oil Tanker Crew & Technical Management 2007 7550 Marshall Island
Venus Shining Bulk Carrier Crew & Technical Management 2006 29828 Panama
Lucala Tug Crew Management 2007 175 Panama
JL Rotterdam Oil / Chemical Tanker Crew Management 1999 15471 Gibraltar
Westminster Oil / Chemical Tanker Crew & Technical Management 2008 13226 Marshall Island

Seafarer Login

Welcome to the Medallion family.

Our terms and conditions are industry standard and if you are looking for long term commitment, a working atmosphere of mutual respect and a career path, then send us your application.

Email your CV to apply@medallionmarine.com


Fill in our online application form via www.medallionmarineservices.com

For seafarers already employed with us:

Update your availability : Send an Email to crewing@medallionmarine.com mentioning Your Name / Rank / Ex Ship name Eg: Viktor Mykola / COF / Ex SP Berlin.

For a pre-joining briefing go to www.medallionmarine.net/briefing and use your login ID and password to update yourself.